Friday, April 24, 2009

Good dinner with good frens

After work today, meet our couple frens. Not a planned one but we gotta see them, firstly cos we need to pass the little souvenirs that i bot from Seoul. Secondly cos we both needed to have a really good dinner with good company.

We all meet up and usual, we'll have difficulty in choosing the venue for dinner. We all went and check out Marche but decided TR instead.

There were ribs, schrimps, chicken and chicken burgers. There were plenty of re-fills, plenty of chit-chats and plenty of stories to share. As usual, after splitting the bills, we all went home.

Both of us has plans for tomoro pulak tu. We're going to Putrajaya while the both of them are going to Cameron de-stress!!. I'm so happy for us and for them cos we get to get time off (at least for a nite) to get out of town and see the world with our loved ones.

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