Friday, April 03, 2009

Toast Box

After office, both of us went to Pyramid. Had early dinner at Toast Box (since we didn't wanna eat heavy stuff) and tryout their promotion. This is Curry Laksa & Hot Barley (RM8.90 per set). Bee ordered Curry Mee & Cold Barley (RM8.50 per set).

We always passed by this place which is located at the lower ground in Marakesh. They have a nice seat in the inside of the shop and a few seats outside its shops. Unfortunately, i must say that i'm disappointed with this place.

First of all, they don't serve cut-chillie. For those chillie eaters, forget about eating here!! No cili-padi, not even red-chillies and no sambal....WTH??? Anyway, i asked the waitress why and she said its because the shop apply 'singaporean' sytle of eathing?! Huh?!

I'm NEVER gonna try their main-dishes again cos there isn't any cut-chillies to go with it!!!

But credits to the french toast. Since bee finish his curry mee (cos its taste 'TAK SEDAP'), i ordered for him French Toast (RM3.30) and luckily its not bad.

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