Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Hi-tea

Last monday, bee called me and told me that Saffron Brassarie is having a promotion for their Hi-tea. Believe it or not, its RM9.90++ per person on saturday and sunday only from 2:30pm-4:30pm. But in order to secure the seat, you have to log in. That's what i did!! I booked for 10 pax. We immediately call Uncle Wan and family and invite them for the hi-tea but unfortunately they cannot make it, somebody has booked them oredi....i'm slightly late. Well....its too bad lah.

We still proceed with our plans but this time, we just go as 'anak-beranak'. After making bookings via on-line, the hotel confirmed my reservation via email. I did asked them to ensure whether the food is gonna be less or not since the price is cheap but they have confirmed that there will be 100 local and international food served. But we must bank in the money by Thursday to secure the place.

Today is a rainy day....heavy rain!! By the time bee & i fetched my parents at Kelanajaya, it took 45minutes to reach KL. Of course the place is running on full. Met my bro and his wife there.

I must compliment the hotel's chef, the food is really really tasty. And they were rite, food was aplenty. I enjoyed they nasi tomato, ayam masak merah (i had two rounds of it), they've got range of pastas, desserts includes apam balik, crepes, arrays of kuih-muih and cakes, ice-cream, ABC, selection of sandwiches and Japanese section, soup & bread, etc. The food is definately worth it cos its tasty and variety....i mean how much can u eat rite?!!

After hi-tea, went to Mid Valley, papa will never settle going home unless we go 'jalan-jalan' first. And then as we jalan-jalan we saw this sign.... Krispy Kreme is coming to town!! They took the 'closed-down' LJS shop.

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