Friday, April 03, 2009

Supper at my parents place

Last nite, my parents invited Uncle Wan & family for supper at their house. Like i said earlier, i don't like having gatherings in the middle of a working week but some days are just unavoidable, last nite were the only day available for the outstation guest. U.Helmi & A.Miah joined us too.
We served them chicken/beef satay, mihun soup, guava with rojak paste and 'jeruk mangga' which my sister-inlaw from Seremban made. The food were put on two tables cos not all can fit into one dining table, hence gotta split into two groups.

They reached our place around 9:30pm and left just after midnite. We try to have gatherings once in a while especially when relatives come down to visit. Its always an event which my huby alwasys looks forward to, unlike me....hehehehe..

Of course there's gossips and talks about current affairs when the group meet-up. They will be going back to Kota Bharu next week on Tuesday.

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