Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Retreat i get to go for a weekend retreat with mah beloved!! Its actually a surprise one from him. He'd actually made the bookings earlier but told me only yesterday. It came at the right time cos i really really needed the 'time-off'...thank you babe~

Bee memang loved to tryout new places...that goes for eating places or hotel stays. He came across an advert that promotes a new hotel in Putrajaya. Its a new hotel and its an international chain from the Accor group Its the first of such hotel in Malaysia. Bee mentioned that they have a few hotels in Asia Pacific namely Mercure, Novotel and Ibis but Pullman is one of their luxury line.

This is the clock tower in the middle of the hotel compound which is surrounded by the other wings. The significant thing about this tower is that it chimes traditional music every hour....that's something diffrent and unique.

Have u heard of Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel? Its located in Putrajaya and its newly opened, only a month ago. The hotel land and its compound is huge. They are supposed to have 5 eateries but at the moment only 1 coffee house (all day dining) is operating. They're supposed to have an exquisite waterfront restaurant. They've got bars by the lake (which offers snack delis till 11pm). They've got game rooms and water sports facilities and yet to open fitness centre.

They've got lovely beautiful indoor and outdoor sceneries. They are split into four wings each with a unique ethnic theme, namely ie. Malay, Chinese, Indian & Borneo. So, they're many options of accommodation that you can choose from. We've checked into the 'Borneo' which is one of the deluxe catagory that comes with a balcony. First class facilities eg. Wifi and satelite flat screen. I've never stayed in hotels which has multi-channel namely Astro Ria, HBO, Star Movies, HK Channel, French, German, Vision Four, including local and plenty of other channels. I must mentioned about its bed. Its very very very very cannot feel your sleeping partner change position when you're sleeping...simply good to sleep in.

The place is so serene and windy becos its located by the shore of a huge lake. The hotel is partly hidden and the scenery there is simply breathtaking.

Altho only a one nite stay but it gave me a lot of de-stress factor....i get to see blue sky...lotsa green trees, winds (all the elements) which provide me with a lot of calmness. Not to forget the serene surroundings and the best of all is spending quality time with ehem... I needed the break and the retreat comes at just the right time.

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