Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul Korea (Day 3)

Had breakfast at the hotel, Jeju Oriental Hotel. I loved the breakfast here....its becos there's plenty of seaweed on their buffet-line. Bestnyer till we had it a few rounds..hehehe. Today is our last day at Jeju, after checking out, we have a few destinations to visit.
Our first visit is to Sunrise Peak. (My fave spot in this isle). The crater of Sunrise Peak consists of 99 rock peaks along its rim that look as if they are escorting the crater and forming a castle. For that reason, the basin was considered to be holy, and it was named “Seongsan” which literally means holy mountain. The view of the sunrise here is truly remarkable. The air here is truly purified too....non-polluted at all...u can juz feel its clean..

Then we went for a Mongolian Horse Show. A forty-five minute outdoor show that depicts the life, times and battles of Ghengis Khan. All in a purpose built arena on the western side of the island, about ten minutes drive inland from Hyeopjae beach. Why is there a Mongolian horse show on Jeju? Because the island was conquered by Mongols during the Koryo dynasty.

Seongeup Folk Village. The area of Seongeuup-ri, Pyoson-myon, still remains as a typical mountain village, and is home to a number of cultural treasures, both tangible and intangible. This area has been maintained by the local government, receiving a designation as Important Cultural Property. The village contains about 3,000 thatched roof houses with stone and clay walls where villagers still live, although some have added modern amenities.

Dragon Head RockAt the western end of Jeju City, where the Hanch’on stream runs into the ocean, is a large rock formation shaped like a dragon’s head. (Depending on the viewing angle, it sometimes looks more like the head of a bunny rabbit.) A short trail has been carved out going down the cliffs to give several views of the rock.

By the time we finished Jeju Isle, we're on our way to catch a flight back to Seoul city. Its about an hour flight journey. We reached Seoul juz in time for dinner and check-into another hotel.

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