Sunday, April 05, 2009

Short Break from Work

Me taking a break from bloging.... for awhile. Maybe for more then a week. Me going for company's incentive trip, Seoul, Korea.

People said i'm definately gonna enjoy myself but....come to think about it....i think we all DESERVED it.... I've been sloogging my arse up and having stresses and tensions....i think we all deserved this break. I'm talking on behalf of my department cos i know we've worked like he*l....really fellas...we should 'de-stress' ourself with this trip kan.

Oya, i was told that in order to have phonelines in Korea, you've gotta have a 3G handphone. Alhamdulilah, i had the phone since last year. And last minutely, someone told me that Digi Prepaid have no access in Seoul....true enough. So on saturday morning, i went to its customer service branch in SS2 and has officially changed my prepaid to postpaid (without any hassle). I'm still loyal to Digi, you know. Alhamdulilah i can still contact my LOVED ones via sms after changing it to postpaid.

So, I see u guys...when i see u guys hoh. Take Care!!

** I'm gonna miss u Bee....very much

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mc'eja said...

enjoy ur stay..m gonna link u. i was googling lousiana at KJ and it shows u. hehe..thx for the info. take care.