Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul, Korea (Day 5)

Today, we get to be kids again. Visit to Everland Theme park with unlimited ride tickets.

Everland is opened in 1976, and it is about 1,200,000 sq yd. It is ranked as the 4th theme in the world by offering 5 main Festivals and exciting entertainments all year around.

Experience wonderful Festivals an magnificent shows at Everland, 365 days a year. There are five theme areas along with more than 50 kinds of attractions full of high thrilling and various funs. We all did have fun, but only went on juz 1-2 rides cos the queue is long most of the time. Took pics of the beautiful flowers, buy some souvenirs and eat ice-cream.

When u visit this place, u must go to its safari....they have liger!! (a mixed breed of lion & tiger...becomes 'liger'). A short bus ride to the safari but worth taking pics.

After 4pm, next destination is shopping at Insadong, a cultural street.

The Insadong art and antique district has dozens of art galleries and shops selling art supplies, antiques, and handicrafts along one main street (Insadong-gil) and many side alleys. It also contains many traditional tea and coffee shops. Its just one long street of many shops. This time most of us go on our way becos it is impossible to get 'lost' here. I was on my own most of the time here, taking my own sweet time to shop and snaps some photos. But shopping here is quite expensif.

After diner and since the four of us still have some energy left n still wanna shop (while the others went back to their hotel room), we planned to experience their subway train. Asked the local guide on how to get down to Dongdaemun and were on our way there, all on our own, juz 4 hyper girls...without any map...juz with our shopping instinct!!

One disadvantage for us is, Seoul is a non English speaking country, hence most of the people there don't really speak English. And most of their road-signs and subway signs, are in Korean language!! When we stopped the local people to ask for direction, most of them will turn away...scared, i think! But when they do help, they will go all the way to show us the way. They are really really helpful.

And i must mentioned this....Seoul is a safe place. Of course there's a saying, when u go anywhere, "there'll be good guys and bad guys"...u must be extra careful especially when u visit foreign countries. But Seoul is a safe place...u feel safe. Even during late nites, u feel safe. U see women walking alone to go catch a subway/bus back home and most of them juz mind their own business.

So here we are, purhased tickets to go to Dongdaemun, cost only KRW1,000 (RM2.80). Their underground subway is really nothing like the ones we have in KL. I guess cos its old and the place is quite run-down. But we reached Dongdaemun safely Only after midnite we took the cab back to our hotel with our hands full of shopping bags. Plus experiencing the nite-life in Seoul city. The people there are still energetic at that time cos the roads are busy and people walking to/fro subway. Nite time is sooo nice n cooling. We reached our hotel safely. We were told that cab drivers in Seoul can be trusted. They charge by the metre and would not cheat the fare. Juz show ur hotel card and they drive u there. And they drive fast!!

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