Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul, Korea (Day 1 & 2)

We assembled at the office at 8:00pm. At 8:30pm, our coach leaves to KLIA. Our flight departs from KLIA at 11:45pm to Incheon Airport. We took the Korean Airlines. Hey, not bad lah their services. We all managed to catch a glimpse of sunrise from the plane...nice!

Arrival at Incheon International Airport the next morning. I juz had a short nap on board and most of us brushed our teeth juz before we arrive Seoul.

Our first trip is to do City Tour at China Town & Jayu Park

Its spring in South Korea and the weather is breezy cool. The roads here are clean. Their transportation is a 'left-hand' drive. Cherry blossom are everywhere...their sakura are mostly in light pink color. Today the temperature is 5 degrees celcius....cold!! But i loike it!! Their rate currency at the time that i exchanged was KRW1000=RM2.80. Altho our currency is so much stronger then theirs but most of their stuff are quite expensive, nevertheless, some are considered reasonable too.

After Chinatown, its transfer to domestic airport (Gimpo) for flight to Jeju Island. (Journey from Incheon Int’l airport to Gimpo domestic airport takes 30 minutes).

When we reached Jeju Island, its visit to:

Mysterious Road
On Mysterious Road (or Bugaboo Road), a parked car on a slight hill road rolls uphill instead of going down hill. This is a result of an optical illusion in which the lower part looks higher because of its surrounding environment.

Sanbang Cave
A Buddhist statue is enshrined in a cave on the southwestern slope of Mt Sanbang. With a height o 5m, a length of 10m and a width of 5m, it is not known when this stature was carved.
It is said to have been Heil residence during the Goreyo Dynasty and the calligrapher Chusa Jeong-hee Kim often visited here to contemplate life. Water drips from the ceiling and some Jeju people say the water droplets are tears of goddess Sanbangdeok who guards the mountain. The view from here is very scenic.
After dinner, we checked into our hotel, which is facing the sea. Since its only 9:30pm (about 8:30pm M'sian time), the four of us decided to put our bags in the room and survey the hotel area. Its quiet at nite...practically no life!! But we found a supermarket juz opposite the hotel. And the 4 of us managed to shop someting...hehehe... I guess while most of our group frens were doin sum unpacking or refreshing or maybe some oredi sleeping, the 4 of us went out to check out the small town. Its was very very cold, i'm guessing about 2 degrees celcius.

We went back to our room very late after chit-chatting at the lobby. Tomoro morning had to wake up early to go to other nice places in Jeju Island. So far it has been a pleasant trip....baru sampai satu hari...penat jugak.

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