Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul, Korea (Day 4)

Everyday we all dread waking up early in the morning. For my case, i had to wake up first at around 5:30am (Malaysian time) and only wake my roomate after i took my bath. But well, when u go for tour, its a norm right that u don't get enuff sleep n rest...

Today will be tour to Nami Island the location of Winter Sonata TV drama. At least 2 hours drive from Seoul. . You need to take a 15mins boat ride to the isle.

A place where there are romances and different beauty of each season. Nami Island located in Bangha-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si was not an island originally. It is an island of Bukhangan River, which was made as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. Its circumference is about 6KM, and its area is 430,000. There are grassplot in the center of the island, and chest-nut trees and poplars around it. This place is fit for a walkway.

Definately a beutiful place to visit...but if you go with ur loved ones, it'll be more meaningful. Here, u have to appreciate the scenery to enjoy it. The hills and river view is simply breathtaking.

After Nami, we all went shopping at Yeoju Premium Outlet. Korea’s first and only authentic designer outlet center. At Yeoju Premium Outlets, you’ll find an unparalleled collection of 120 stores offering savings of 25% to 65% everyday. This exciting shopping destination has wide, tree lined boulevards and landscaped plazas designed to create a unique one of a kind outdoor environment. There've got many overseas brands, eg. Coach, MaxMara, Burberry but unfortunately the choices wasn't much. I only managed to buy a sports t-shirt for myself which was pretty cheap.

After two hours drive, we were taken back to Seoul, shopping at Dongdaemun. Dongdaemun Market is located near its namesake of (Great East Gate). Korea's largest wholesale and retail shopping district has 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops and manufacturers. Within the ten blocks of the market area, you can find silks, clothes, shoes, sporting goods, plumbing and electrical supplies, electronics, office supplies, toys and just about everything else imaginable

On the other side of Samil Elevated Road, just across the road, are Doota Mall and Migliore, the hottest shopping areas for mostly college students and teens. Here you can find the latest clothing, shoes, bags, colored wigs, CDs, inexpensive jewelry, and other fashion accessories.

You can also find leather goods here. And they're pretty cheap compared to leather good here. I bought a leather handbag M'sia, it could easily cost RM800-RM1000. But here, i got less then half the price. And hair accessories are designs etc. According to the local guide, Seoul is the only city that sell cheap spectacle. You can make one that can be ready within 2-3 hours.

We were given only 2hours here, the bus will leave at 10:30pm but the 4 of us decided to stay on and took the cab back to hotel juz after midnite, while the rest went back to their hotel. There's so much places to venture at Dongdaemun, 2 hours is juz not enuf for us.

I noticed in Seoul, there isn't plump people there. I guess i'm the only one!! Koreans are a bunch of "vain-pot". They do cosmetic surgery like going into a shopping complex to buy things. Men & women do cosmetic surgery like its a neccesity. I don't tink u can find an 'ugly' person there!! Men & women are fashionable & trendy (in their own sense lah).

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