Sunday, June 14, 2009

Surprise belated birhtday cake

On Sunday, my family and i planned to give a birthday surprise to cuzin F. After her mom passed away, we know she hasn't been so happy especially with family problem n all. We'd thot we'd cheer her up. But on a very small scale cos we know she's anti-social (sorry cuz, i'm saying what's facts, hehehe)....and she don't fancy crowd.

I sent her a text mesej d nite before, to meet up for dinner. Not knowing to her that my mom n me planned to make some home-made dishes.
Mama cooked her delicious 'gravy crab', veges & ayam. And since i know she's a bit of a 'jakun' (sorry again hoh) cos she has very limited food preferences...i made some 'dendeng' telor/takua. For dessert, i made 'sago-gula-melaka'.

My bro and his wife sponsored satay. I'm suppose to fetch cuzin F but i told my bro to fetch her instead....and then do some acting which my sis-inlaw happily obliged. They told cuzin F that they're suppose to stop-by my mom's place to take her wallet. When they all drop-by the house, my mom and i had oredi prepared a birthday cake for her, light the candles, off-d lights and sang her a birthday song as she was about to enter the house......i tink it touches her touches ours too. I hope your mummy can see u.

We adjourned for dinner and later supper and chit-chat till late nite. During supper, we had the cake-cutting n cuzin F insists that we cut d cake with her. I said the celebration was low-key cos we're in our house-comfy clothes.

To Fairos, we wished you GOOD HEALTH, GOOD DAY EVERYDAY & LOTSA, LOTSA HAPPINESS for future-undertaking.

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