Sunday, June 07, 2009


When i was growing up, my parents taught us how to eat "cakoi" or in other language, my mom call it "Pak Tongko"...hehehe, penang-born used to call it that. Other chinese word for it is 'Yu Tiao".

We ate them mostly during supper time, dip it in black coffee is nice......Its also famous as one of the ingredient to go with rice-porridge. In fact it goes with anything, not necessarily with coffee or porridge. I know some kids who like to put cheese on top of it and 'microwave-oven' it for 2 minutes and let the cheese melt. It also goes with 'kaya' or 'peanut-butter' and butter. As long as you're creative with you food.

Nowadays, its not easy to find 'halal' cakoi. There's a stall in front of KJ small Gia*t in SS5 that sells and its good. This guy also sell other 'kuih' besides his crunchy cakoi.

Pav food-court has an outlet that sells cakoi, it used to be nice but the taste deteriorated. In huby's hometown, Seremban, there is a make-shift stall that sells crunchy n non-too oily cakoi and according to bee, the seller has been selling it for ages and it still taste consistently same!!

In OU, there's a new outlet that sells cakoi. A ltho, bee n me were suppose to have dinner, we spoilt our stomach by wanting to try 'em. Not bad. Its a small outlet which can seat about 20-25 people at one time. Located at the top floor (old wing). Name of Yoo!

I juz had the bun which has 'pulut' in d middle and bee had d butterfly cakoi with Soyabean no sugar.

And i finally got my Cotton Candy!! which my sweet-tooth have been craving......and yes, i finished em all...hahaha....gosh...didn't we all have sweet tooth.... But no more CC for me this year. I only have it once a year cos its sooooo suweetttt!!!

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