Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Khadijah's Kitchen

Khadijah is my mom's name plus a restaurant name which belongs to a singer... Dato Khadijah Ibrahim.
Last week after huby's medical check up, we pass by this place and decided impromtu to eat here for lunch. Its my first time. I have read about its review in some mags and cuzin's blog.

As you enter the place, u know that tis is a cozy restaurant. The ambiance is very quiet, green and soothing. Outdoor seating is very homely. In-door seating is equally cozy too with live-plants and framed pics.

I ordered set lunch since i can get my food fast. Their set that day was nasi tomato with ayam masak merah which includes ice-lemon tea + dessert. Bee ordered white rice with ikan masak asam-pedas.

I'm quite disappointed with the ayam masak merah..... i had high hope for this place but unfortunately the food...hmmm...tak berapa sedap sangat lah. Bee's ikan tenggiri masak asam was okey...non too salty and tasty. Dessert was pulut-sekaya.....its the most 'tak-sedap' pulut sekaya i've ever eaten. I'm so sorry!! What happened?? If the food is expensive and sedap, its okey, customers will be happy...but....sigh...

The set lunch cost RM19.50. Ikan masak asam-pedas is RM9.80 with white rice RM2.00.

I find that the price in the menu is quite expensive, of courselah, its a fine-dining restaurant. My conclusion is, the Khadijah's kitchen in Kelana Jaya is soooo much sedap....tastier and i don't have to pay so expensive to get delicious food...hehehe...

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