Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Frozen yogurt anyone?

My dearest hub knows wat i liked. After office yesterday evening, he brot me to SPymd. After an early fast-food dinner, he said he wanna take me 2 a new place which he's certain i would like. And he's not wrong....i lurved tis place n i'm planning to come back.

Its a new self-serve frozen yogurt concept outlet. Its fancy & different from other yogurt outlet...tis one is special (my opinion lah). Why i said its special?

Its becos u can customise yogurt by mixing diffrent yogurt flavours and garnish it to varieties of wet & dry toppings. I think this is a revolutionary self-serve concept of just by simply weight and pay for what you created.

This is how u do it:-

First, u get too choose your own yogurt flavour from the machine and then do it much as or as little that u want, u can also mix em. The flavours changes according to days....yesterday was Original , Pomegrade, Pineapple, Kiwi, Tutti Frutti & Death by Chocolate (wat a name....n its delicious).

Secondly, you also get to choose your toppings. They've got arrays of fruits like chopped bananas, mangoes, strawberries, blueberry, kiwis etc. Or u can choose some sweet mix like chocolate rice, chocolate chip, fruity pebbles or healthy bites like chopped granola, cornflakes, nuts etc to top-up ur yogurt.

After taking your personalised or desired flavours, they will weight and charge you accordingly. Yesterday i juz took a small container & didn't put much toppings cos i was quite full after dinner but since i desperately lurve d yogurt (after they give a free tasting)...i said i cannot wait for next time..hehehe.... It is priced at 53 sen for every 10gm, hence for 100gm of the yogurt, u needed to pay RM5.30 or more.

We sat for a while at the outlet and enjoy a shared cup of mixed yogurt.

You'll know that their yogurt is from a premium grade, its of quality and taste very nice. I love tis place. Its a nice place to hangout if u wanna go for dessert or juz wana go for sumtin light. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Quickly head off to TF...u can personalise ur yogurt n have a bit of fun wif luved ones...

THANKS BEE....i lurve it!!

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