Monday, November 16, 2009

Meat frens @ Meatworks

An article abt tis place came out last two weeks. Hubs wanna go & check out tis place knowing that he won't be able to eat meat. We planned with our good frens and we all made it last weekend. It was a wet & rainy saturday nite but we managed to get thru it.

Its a simple n nice place to hangout. Of course its much better if u're a meat eater.

Ladies ordered Mushroom Soup & they were quite okey. I enjoyed the bite-size garlic bred. They don't have variety for poultry & fish but i enjoyed my cod fish & bee's aglio-alio. A & S said the meat were really good.

If u wanna eat good prime beef, this place is it!! Its halal.

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Sweettooth said...

how much per meal lbh kurang? i asked in your FB, u didn't reply huhuuu...