Monday, November 30, 2009


What is Upuma? It is one of many types of Indian dishes. A colleague introduced me to this dish around the 90's....and i quickly loved it. Have you tried?

This dish is made of sugee flour. Its fried with curry leaves & spices. You can eat it with curry, dhal, sambal or even with sugar.

Its been awhile since i last had it cos there isn't any Indian shop around my office area. Last week, a colleague bought one for me for breakfast and it made my day, i'm happy that i juz had 2 blog about it, hehehe.....


Sweettooth said...

thanks for sharing abt this food. lepas i read this post that day, i terus asked my office mate to buy one from me. and gosh!!!! i m having it for breakfast...sedapppppp!!!!!

Dazzelyn said...

hahahaha....glad u love luff it too :)