Thursday, June 24, 2010

My first time to Sepang International Circuit

Yes, it is my first time to set foot in Sepang International Circuit. Never had the chance to come to this place where its famous for its F1. Thanks to ****** for giving hubby the complimentary tix.

But i'm here to see Super GT International Series (Autobacs). What is it? The Super GT series, formerly known as the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association.

Good hot weather but quite a long-good walk from the parking area to the track area. The paddock building was abuzz with activities as journalists and photographers from all across the world arrived, for the support racers and SuperGT. All busy with shooting and of course, here, the GT girls and GT Queens who are so-ready to pose for you.

Its is said, its Japan’s hottest and most happening racing series, the SuperGT International Series at the Sepang International Circuit. The cars are divided into two groups: GT500 and GT300. And there are plenty of sporty cars on displays too.

Race fans will be able to watch it from the main-grandstand or in the suite. We are so lucky to get the suite as it is 'damn' hot/humid and 'damn' noisy!!

It is so comfy watching from inside the suite, there's flat screen TV for you to check on the points/laps. Its air-conditioned and there's not much noise from the race-track. Plus food are provided for (lunch & tea) with comfy seats too. And you can order any drinks you'd like....coke, sprite, coffee/tea...u name it!

Overall, i enjoyed the outing and am glad we made the trip to Sepang. I get to experience the paddock, the car-race & people etc.

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