Monday, July 05, 2010

Papa John & Serai

This entry were supposed to be published earlier but i was too busy.

We wanted to tryout Papa John at SPyramid and since it was mama's birthday & she lurves pizza, we decided to take her there. We ordered the specialty that they recommended and we think that the pizza are just so-so. However, other dishes like chicken wings & mushroom soup were passable.


A few weeks later we took our parents to 'jalan-jalan' to the new mall in SJaya, E*pire Gallery. And we have dinner at a new restaurant 'Serai'. We ordered main-dishes to be eaten with white rice. We find the food 'normal'...nothing to shout about but we also think that they were over-priced. Altho it is a fine-dining concept but the prices are still on the high-side. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the food.

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