Monday, February 16, 2009

My attempt to cook butter prawns

Butter prawns happened to be bee's fave. If i'm not mistaken he bought a recipe book for me on this recipe many many years ago. I remembered trying it out two/three years ago...but can't remember how it turn out to be.

Last saturday after lunch, i thot i'd give it a try.

The recipe just needed prawns, butter, egg yolks, evaporated milk, chopped cili-padi and sum curry leaves.

This is how it turn out.... not even close huh!! Bee said 'not there yet'.....huhu...sob...sob... i guess i've to try and try till it becomes perfect.


Sweettooth said...

oke apa rupa dia...rasa tak tau lah hehehe.... I've tried cooking them a few times oredi but dah lama tak masak pulak. ingredients pun sama but mine ada sikit santan and fresh milk instead of Ideal.

Dazzelyn said...

yeah...i guess they have many versions....kena cuba n cuba lagi...hehehe...