Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Leeli

Yesterday i was at OU to find my stuff. As i pass by Secret Recipe, i just remembered that i'm suppose to order cake for someone's coming bday on the 15th but we usually do it days earlier if their bday falls on a weekend. I ask a colleague what cake would be nice and she suggested oreo cheese-cake. When i reached the shop, i find the cake very plain looking. I told the cashier if they could decorate the cake nicely and it turned out to be very very nice.... i mean usually they'll just be wordings plus the person's name but this time they took extra effort to really put-up from a plain looking cake to be colorful one....i'm satisfied.

But while waiting for the cake to be decorated.....sempat lagi huby n me share their desserts....its called 'Smarties Treats'.....a generous spread of smarties over chocolate n vanilla ice-cream.

Happy buffday Leeli. Just around 11am, we sang for her. And of course the cake is delicious. Later our SD treated us at Mantra for lunch. Too bad ahboss was on leave hence he couldn't join the celebration.

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