Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner at Ali Cafe & Supper at Tokmak's

Later in the evening, just after the Maghrib prayers, we fetched my parents to go for dinner. We'd thot we'd tryout Ali Cafe which bee read in the papers about their new openings. And there' s one in Kelana Jaya. Since my parents also have never been to this place, we brought them there.

Ali Cafe occupied two shops. Its 'kopitiam' concept but with modern touch. Has free-wifi and huge space. They've got both non-smoking and smoking section. The four of us took the booth seating. Not many people on that day.

Mama ordered Nasi Goreng Special Ali Cafe, Papa ordered Mee Bandung, I had Century Eggs-Porridge and bee had Chicken Chop. So disappointed lah...the mee rebus is too sweet, the nasi goreng is just so-so, i tried the chicken chop with is not so good either. The porridge was sorait only. The conclusion is, i don't think we'll go to this place again....sigh...

Oya Mama n i tried Power Root - Honey Dates and its kinda too sweet for me.

After dinner we took my parents to the Kelanajaya nite-market. My mom wanna buy some fruits. Later we adjourned to Tokmak's house for supper. Anty M fried keowteow goreng and its so nice. The maid also helped out and did 'cempedak goreng' and 'sardine gulung goreng'. Cousin Fairos is also there. Its just a small gathering for catching up and get-together.

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