Thursday, February 26, 2009

Appreciation Dinner

Tonite's our appreciation dinner....makan lagi. This time the organiser took my suggestion to tryout 'Secrets of Louisiana'. All 30 committee members but only half managed to make it. Appreciation for a successful NSC meeting event earlier this year.

Most importantly, our SD is satisfied with the place. In fact they said the ambiance makes you feel like you're not in KL.

We choose the outdoor seating. Luckily it didn't rain heavily. Altho the service is quite slow but most of us understand cos they're still new and they still need to buck-up. But food-wise, definately not a dissappointment.

We ordered wild mushroom soup and some appetisers before the main course. I just love the soup....altho some of them said not i told them they have 'lidah-kampung'....hehehe... The appetiser was all good, the buffolo wings (which comes with a nice lemony sauce), baked mussels with cheese and seafood gumbo.

Those who had steaks and lamb for their main said they were satisfied with the food. The only set-back is the 'kura-kura'...

After the soup and appetiser, i got really full, so i shared my main-meal, which is a 'seafood carribean' with the rest.

Some of us (including me) left earlier before 9pm while the rest stayed on for more beers and wines.

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