Friday, February 27, 2009

My friday off

Yup! I'm on leave again today. De-stressing myself! I think i owe myself that one. And as usual, if i'm on leave, i'll force bee to do the nice of him to adhere to it...hihihi..

In the morning both of us went for breakfast at the FAM, Kelana Jaya. Later went to Sam*ung Service Centre to repair my d-cam. The spare-parts were available and after servicing, my d-cam now feels like brand new.

In the afternoon, he drop me off at OU cos he has to go for Friday prayers. Since i've got to wait for him for about 1 hour n a half, i'd thot i'd do me a favour....went for manicure & padicure at Nail's Parlour. My first time there and its kinda small but chic. The person who did my pedi was a nice lady but the person who did my meni was unfortunately a lady but biologically a men. I must confessed that, men who wants to be a women, can never-ever be as soft or as gentle as a real women. Some of them are sometimes bitchy like this one and they do things roughly. That's what happended to my little finger...i find it quite painful when 'shim' did the meni....don't go there. Altho i'm satisfied with my buffing nails, i don't like that faggot....sigh... Next time i'll go the another nail parlour.

In the evening we had dinner at a new restaurant in Kelana Jaya, a chinese-muslim restaurant, maybe next time i'll blog about it. The food is really good.

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