Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Gardens Cafe

We both meet-up after bee finished with his friday prayers and just in-time i finished my meni/pedi. Its already 2pm and we're both is looking for places to eat.

Came across this new place at OU new wing.

It has a green & white theme.....very cozy.....i loike the environment. They were having set lunches promotion and we'd thot we'd tryout its food.

I personally think the owner has geat taste. He or she took pain in decorating the place tastefully. Coincidently, i'm so into white deco and household stuff in white. I wish i could paint my dining chair white...hehehe...hint...hint...

Watercrest soup
and the ice-lemon tea...really generous portion.

I had Olio Prawn Speghetti . The presentation of the food is good and the food tasted good too. The prawns they used is fresh and its not that oily.

Bee had chicken chop. The chicken is tender n juicy, the vege is fresh n crunchy and gravy is tasty. Bee is satisfied with his dish. He said the chef really take pain to make this dish as if you're eating in a posh-restaurant.

This place is NOT a disappointment at all. The food is tasty and we both just love its ambiance.

We'll definately come again to this place, maybe bring our parents or my mother-inlaw who will definately love the ambiance of its place.

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