Thursday, March 05, 2009

New gadget

Bee discovered this new gadget when he read about its review in a photography magazine. Its a convenient gadget and as usual he will find ways how to make my life easier. He told me about it and i agreed that its convenient. Next step is to purchase it lah. Once he got the address, next is to find the place.

And i tell you, the place that we had to scout for this gadget is really really far. I've never been to this place before and so is bee. Donno how (oya, i forgot he's THE GPS-man)...we just managed to find Kompleks Mutia*a at Jalan Ipoh Batu 1/2....

The name of the shop is Digicol*r. They've got massive photography name it!! It's there!! I think they're the sole-distributor for these items. And they also do wedding photos.

This is what i got from the shop.

It has 2 benefit. One to carry your video-cam and another is being a tripod.

I can just hooked my d-cam or v-cam to it and you can place it on a table.

Or you can shoot a video like this.

I LOVED it!! And i think its a COOL gadget!! Its so convenient and useful. Thanks bee.

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