Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nandos & Gelato Fruity

Thursday is an odd day for me to take leave. But eversince monday my molar have been giving me a bit of pain. Can still 'tahan' but bee said must quickly check with the dentist before the Seoul trip. I forgotten to make appointment and if you walk in, no way you get the chance to go in cos too many the end, i didn't get to check my teeth.

Since i'm oredi around the area, the next best thing todo is One Utama...hehehe...

It lunch time and we need to eat....and now both of us gotta make sure that we "TRY" to eat healthier food. Recently there was a scare on our 'blood pressure'....and i'm damn worried. But i'm optimistic and both of us are determined not to eat more that a 3times a day portion. We will "TRY" to exercise and eat healthy food. But then again, we got to give exceptions when we visit our parents/relatives house.

Its has been years since we last ate at Nandos. Today was our first time after many many years. Even their sauce bottles has changed!! We took the seating which is on the other side of the restaurant, which is quite hidden and found the place quite cozy woh.They also have an outdoor seating. It is soooo nice to eat during weekdays cos they're not packed!! So the place is peace and quiet.

Both ordered the quarter grilled chicken with 2 sidelines. We decided that we share our rice and requested for un-salted fries. Look at the chicken....getting smaller eh. The food not bad leh...the last time i went, i totally don't like its taste but now its okey lah.

After lunch, we jalan-jalan. As we're about to go home, we stop by Gelato Fruity to share a cup of gelato ice-cream. I think we had enough of Haagan D*z and Baskin Rob*ns (they're nice but they're also very rich). This ice-cream is light but still tasty. They also have plenty of choices to choose from. They've got a nice corner for u to sit and eat ur ice-cream. Its also reasonable, only RM 6.90 per small cup. Chewah, mentang-mentanglah we're trying to eat also need to be healthy...we saw their 'fat-free' that encouraged us to order. But really!! The ice-cream is not too rich.

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