Sunday, March 15, 2009

Macaroni & Cheese

Bee n me are sucker for macaroni & cheese. Sometimes Cold Stor*ge will bring in imported product which you can do it at home....instant one lah.

We used to buy a 'Kra&t' brand where you have to mix the cheese powder with milk and mixed it together with the macaroni. Tis particular brand that comes with a blue n yellow box is not so nice Recently we found out a new brand, same brand but different type.

Its shell pasta and creamy cheese is just so easy to do. A ll u need to do is, boild the shell pasta till the desired tenderness, drain and return to pan. Cut off the cheese sauce pouch and squeeze the cheese sauce over the hot pasta....and its ready to eat....and it YUMYLICIOUS. U can also improvise by adding some ground beef/chicken or green peas for added taste....but we liked it plain.

Another imported brand that i bought recently is also the easiest....straight from can. I haven't got the chance to try it yet....i'm sure its nice.

Both product can be purchased from any Cold Stor*ge.

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