Monday, March 09, 2009

My trip to the eyebrow specialist

The last time i had my eyebrow trimmed & shaped was during my engagement....that was wat?? 1996? How long was that?? Yeah, after that i just had it maintain by myself using a twizzer. During my weekend stroll on the 3rd level of Midvall*y, we came across this place. I saw few ladies doin their trimming, etc. Since i'm disappointed for not getting a 'Hello Kitty' Mac product, i treated myself with the trimming.

Before. Gosh...quite out-of-shape

After. If find em more in-shape and clearer...

There's this new product that they're introducing a new product, a triangle eyebrow pencil which comes with eyebrow brush-shaper....its from Korea. I saw it in advertisements before but didnt get a chance to get it.
The trimming is cheap (i only paid RM10)....its fast and less painful. Next time, to maintain the eyebrow, i'll just come back to this place. Next time, i wanna try their 'eyelash perming' and maybe 'lip embroidery'. Do check-out their website

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