Friday, March 06, 2009

CPR Training

Today our department attended an in-house CPR training. Its organised by the medical department. Everyone in the company are encouraged to participate and the training was done by batches. Today is our turn.

We were given a Complimentary practice kit from company. It consists of :
1. A personal inflatable Mini (CPR) Manikin
2. CPR skills practice DVD (This is bilingual, English and Chinese and it will instruct how to do CPR)
3. CPR booklet
4. Accessories for the program

The training was conducted by one of our in-house doctors, Dr. N*wi. We find his presentation clear and understandable. He made sure that each of us do it practically with our own manikin.
Usually you'll see someone explaining it to you but this time, you get to do it and you'll basically know how's the correct skills or procedure to do mouth-mouth and give chest compression. In a way, you get to do a 'hands-on' CPR (supervised by our doc).

We learnt something very usefull today and what is more better then to share it with others. I hope to be able to channel this useful information with my families.

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