Thursday, March 19, 2009

Latest mags

Ermm....i just bought two mags today. I juz found out that there are two types of In-Style UK vesion and another from US!!! Hahahaha....all this while i've been reading the UK version....duh!!! And the best thing is, US version is much cheaper!! After reading, its doesn't have drastic changes between the two long as its tips and knowledge about fashion and etc, its OK!!

So girls, the April edition is in store now...go get it while its still hot. They have the 2009 Best Beauty Buys....its a must know!! Plus 'The new rules of classic style'.

I've been a fan of Oprah Winfrey for quite some time for her talk-show. But this is the first time i'm buying her mag - O. I'm just curious to know what she gotta offer in her mag...we'll see. April issues is out too, get it in your nearest news-stand.


Sweettooth said...

I got my InStyle last weekend and half-way through! Every mth mmg I tunggu jer the US issue, UK and Ozzi version amatlah boring! Plus I've always been in love with the US fashion.

Dazzelyn said... loike d US version more UK and Aus...hahaha.....Thx 4 d tips :)