Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pizza Milano

Today both of us felt like watching movie, an impromtu decision. Usually our movie day is on wednesday but since the review on the movie is soooo good, we can't resist it, especially there's only a few shows left....and we wouldn't wanna miss 'The Rock'.

After buying the tickets (show is at 7:20pm), we wanted to find food for our early dinner. Juz as we're walking, came across this new cafe just in the middle of the floor. We walked in, looked at the menu and immediately ordered. Price is reasonable.

The place is quite small but enough for about 25-30 people in one seating. Its new n everything is clean and tidy. Service was fast and when bee make payments at the cashier, the manager told us that they have a kiosk at KLCC and they have been operated there for almost 9 years. No wonder the shop's name sound familiar.

I had speghetti (RM6.99) and bee had spiral pasta (RM7.99). Verdict...the white sauce from the spiral pasta is very tasty and my speghetti is also tasty. Their mineral water (RM1.50) is 'custom-made' and the logo looks familiar kan...hehehe. Next round, must tryout their pizza and dessert selection which looks promising.
Pizza Milanos
Lot S64, 2nd Floor OU
Old Wing
Tel : 03-62790896

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