Thursday, March 05, 2009

Restaurant Sri Paandi

Last weekend before i went back to Seremban, we went for lunch. Thot of trying some banana-leaves. Since our couple frens were already in Seremban, we went together jer lah.

As usual the GPS-man he is, we managed to find this place. Its located at Jalan Gasing. There were another famous restaurant just beside it but we decided to eat here instead.

There were 4 types of veges. And then 2 types of crackers (papadum & potato crackers). We just ordered 1 piece of fried chicken and a small plate of fried squid. Lucky thing also that we didn't order much. Altho i must confess the photo does do justice to the food but in actual FACT, it SUCKS!!

What a BIG dissappointment. The rice wasn't hot enough, the curry gravy were just so-so. The rest of the taste were just not there. No authenticity in their food....wat happened? Even the service was bad.

Definately our last meal there. No repeat customer for them.

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