Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Girls' Outing

I don't quite fancy outing in d middle of a working week....but its the only time that all of us are available. This is the outing which was postponed last 2 weeks ago. Nevertheless its an opportunity to meet-up and catch-up.

I left office earlier to give a few minutes of 'jalan-jalan' with bee...'sempat' pulak tu tryout some blouses and bought one cos its on sale...hehehe. Everyone was on time. We all met infront of J.Co at 6:30pm. After the guys splitted with us, we had a short discussion where to eat. Decided to tryout new eatary...Sushi Zanmai. Since none of us have any idea where the place is, we asked the very attentive customer service guy and we didn't lost our way.

I just loved the food and its reasonable. Great ambiance and we got a good private seat. I donno why i ordered so much but thank god we shared our food. Cuzzy had salad n the salad dressing was really tasty. S ordered a bit of tis n tat. Hey S, thanks for the "chawanmushi".

Its more of an outing for S to meet up with cuzzy cos they've not met for nearly 10 years. Imagine within that short period there were so many updates to catch up. After dinner, we sempat shopping and had the last stop for dessert....donuts!! I was too full and just ordered yogurt. D guys came by and joined us later.

It was indeed a fruitful meet. I enjoyed the food, the gossips, the dessert gatherings, etc. I think having the first meet at Sunway Pyramid makes it a comfy one too.

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Sweettooth said...

it has been more than 10 yrs, we parted ways the year u got married.