Monday, March 09, 2009

My saturday

Last saturday we went to Midvall*y Mega mall. Reached there before noon and went to the newly renovated Oasis Food Court.

Its new, of courselah its nice kan! I liked its 'green' color concept. They've got plenty of seats and more bright compared to the old Oasis.

We ordered white rice with Portugese style 'Ikan Pari' masak asam becos i missed this stall's food.

After lunch, we jalan-jalan The G*rdens. There were Mac's launch on 'Hello Kitty'. There were full of i thot maybe i'll come back later. After about 2-3 hours, there were still many people but i managed to squeeze thru its cute stage. Unfortunately everybody was busy and they don't have time to entertain me. But a girl came and approach me....i told her i'm interested to know more about its latest product but she could not get an artist to attend to me....sigh... Later she got someone to guide me to its boutique....and unfortunately...its blusher is out of stock...sob...sob...sob... I so liked its blusher. I didn't wanna buy their lipsticks cos I still have d ol'Mac plus i only liked the compact blusher!!! I went back disappointed.

Later in the evening, we went to The Cur*e. Jalan-jalan and supposedly to meet our couple fren for dinner but my mom called and said she needed me cos an aunty came from Ipoh and mom need my help....

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