Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pine 38 Restaurant

Tis morning beriya-iya, i discussed with huby tat i'm gonna cook. But juz after ofis, he said lets eat out...hehehe...yabedabedoo...lah. Coincidently i was so tired. I had to finish my work late cos i'm taking leave tomoro togoto d dentist. I finished work at 6pm juz now.

Since everywhere is jam, we decided to drive to Shah Alam area. End up at Seksyen 9. Thot of trying a new corner restaurant, Pine 38.

The cafe has nice ambiance, its huge, airy and has 2 flat-screen tv. The menu has local and western dishes. The place is clean and considering its in Shah Alam area, the place is considered quite posh. The deco is high-taste and the waiters are attentive. But unfortunately, the service is quite slow which i don't understand cos there wasn't many customers today. We had our early dinner at 6.30pm.

I ordered Mihun Bandung (RM8.80), a tad too sweet and tis is the 1st time i ate mihun bandung that uses 'fish-cake' as one of its ingredient. With its price, i think they should be more generous with their ingredients. The prawns were only 2 pieces. And schredded carrot on top??!!

We had our meals with warm water (RM1.00 per glass)

Bee had mihun tomyam (RM11.80). He said its a bit overpriced cos the portion is not much. But its quite tasty lah. Maybe other times we'll try other dishes.

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Sweettooth said...

i hv been to Pine 38 only once even tho my place is so closed by...the reason, it's overpriced!!! yeah, nice place and all but the food kira ok lah but 'coz of the pricing...kinda put off!