Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eating saturday n xpensif parking fee

Yesterday i badly needed to go to Pavillion cos Tangs were having sale. We reached the place just half n hour before noon. Later we're suppose to meet up with our regular couple fren. I wanted to look for a tote-bag for my trip to Seoul...went to so many boutiques and so many anchor tenants....but still no sign of bag. Bee said there were like...thousands of bags in the mall and i couldn't find one!!! hahaha....he doesn't know that i'm so damn fussy when it comes to certain things...hehehe...

Met our frens just in time for lunch. Decided to eat at the Republ*c food-court. S had Vietnam Beef Noodles, A had Fried Keowteow and shared oyster omlette, I had Nasi Kerabu (RM16) and Bee ate Nasi Lemak (RM12). The food is good there.

Just after lunch, we adjourned to Madam Kw*n for its dessert. The couple fren introduced us the 'Golden Dream'....boleh-tahan! 1 bowl of sweet-icy dessert to be share per couple.

Later went to cineplex to checkout movie...but lar....tapi yang beriya shopping was our couple frens....i still couldn't find anyting that i wanted...sigh....sigh....geramsss.

After jalan-jalan, surely thirsty....went for another round of tea pulak at the food-court. S and me had porridge with cakoi and the guys had almost the same thing.... hot cofi, bread and boiled eggs.

We all departed around 6.30pm...and both had to pay a freakin RM15 for parking!!

Nite time there is an EPL game...Machester United vs Liverpool. Both of us meet-up again with our couple fren at their house to watch the game. We brought satay and just had it for dinner as we're all still full. I'm pissed cos MU lost that nite....stopid!! We left their crib at around 1:30am...

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