Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stuff from Dubai

Dah lama i tak beli perfume for myself. Those days bee used to buy for me but tis year i wanna buy my own. The last 3 years, i haven't been buying perfumes cos i've been getting it for my birthdya pressie....before that i wanted to tryout Victoria's Secret (VS) body-mist range. After the VS season is over, i had to use all the gifts perfumes that i got. Still trying to finish it. Eventho i sprayed a lot but it seems so difficult to finished. I'm the type who will use the same bottle day-in/day-out till it finishes.

When i got to know that my sister inlaw's going to Dubai, i 'pesan' her to get me a bottle of perfume (I heard its cheaper there) which i've been wanting since last year but didn't get the chance to get it cos of the existing bottles of perfumes that i needed to finish-up. I know their latest range 'Jade' are selling in their counters already but i still prefer 'Crystalline' from Bvlgari.. The smells is sweet n non-strong. My latest collection. Altho there r gazillions of perfumes out there but my top list so far and my all time fave will always be 'Miracle'.

I also got a gift, a Loreal Glamshine (latest collection) from my sister-inlaw. She's very generous to her twin-bro and me and she never fails giving me something whenever she's overseas. She gave bee a Burburry 'Weekend' perfume. Plus the latest chocolate from Cadbu*y....sedap giler!!!

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