Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Outing

I was supposed to have girls outing today with cuzin N*na and fren Sab*q. After many postponement we're so close to meeting up. But like the saying goes...."we can only plan but Almighty decides". My niece had a stomache that she could not endure hence her mommy had to take her to the clinic pronto. Bee told me that children comes first so its better that she attended to her daughter.

At the time she called to cancel the meet, we were already on the way to Sunway P*ramid and so is another couple. Huby & A was looking forward for their 'guy' outing. But its okey cos we still proceed with meeting up with each other. First stop was to the cafe, F*endster. All of us sat in the restaurant and ready to order......tup-tup....we all went out of the restaurant. It seems that the place don't have much choice and the guys couldn't decide what to eat.... We all end up at Michael*ngelo. But not before deciding to go watch movie. Went to T*V and bought tickets to watch the 8:45pm show.

I can't remember what we ordered cos there were so much topics we chatted. I only remembered the couple ordered an appetiser and both of them ordered some very cheesy n delicious dishes. I ordered speghetti and bee ordered lasagna. The meals were really really good. Bee's lasagna was really delicious with generous serving of cheese.

After dinner, we went for movie and after that we all went back home. We'd meet up again the next day for some seafood.

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