Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bliss 33 Cafe

I sorta coaxed bee to take me to Su*mit mall, boy, he really hates that place. I wanted checkout a place to remove a mole but unfortunately its close...damn!! Since we're both hungry, bee said lets get out of the mall cos he wanna take me to a new eatery place....tau je dia!!

Bliss 33, USJ Subang. A small shop in between shops, it a nice place and cozy ambiance.

They've got western & local dishes...served at reasonable price. The shop has brownish and creamish color concept. They even have another floor, upstairs.

I ordered Chicken Maryland (RM9.90). The chicken is tender n bee liked its breadcrumb batter. Bee ordered Butter Cream Chicken with Speghetti (RM9.90). The speghetti is not overcooked and its tasty. I wanted to tryout their iceblended and ordered Cappucino (RM5.00). Just nice cos its not too sweet. Warm water is only 0.80cents.

They also have 'side-orders' in their menu which is reasonably priced.

We'll definately come back to this cafe if we're around the place cos the food is good.

Bliss View Restaurant
No. 31-33, Jalan USJ2/2C
47600 UEP Subang Jaya
Tel : 03-56356110

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