Friday, March 27, 2009

New Gadget

Wooohooo....yes.....i got myself a new gadget!! I'm soooo happeeee bee bought for me. They call it a Mini Digital Speaker....i don't even know this thing exist!!

We were in Sunway Pyramid yesterday after office. After dinner, we jalan-jalan. There is one shop which sells many interesting accessories, gadgets and t-shirts. If i'm not mistaken they have another branch in OU.

Came across this gadget. Its is a mini speaker for your MP3/MP4. I immediately wanted it!!! No second thots.....bee straight-away purchase it...hehehe...sambil tu sempat jugak dia 'geleng-geleng' kepala...hehehe...

Once i reached home, quickly I tried n tested it....and yes!!!It works and i lurve it!! Sometimes when i don't feel like using the headphones, i can always use the speaker for my own listening. Its not that loud but its juz nice for your travel, etc when you needed to listen to music.

The gadget comes with a USB port for you to charge its don't have to buy a battery.. Easy and user-friendly.

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