Thursday, March 26, 2009

Local Product

Some frens said i'm obsessed with imported stuff....hey!! That's not true....i also support local brands okey!! I'm offendedlah...hehehe...

Anyway, this is "LOCALLY" made. Its now on promotion price, RM6.99 at Giant . Normal price is RM9.99 for 500ml ice-cream. The packaging also looks 'marketable' for export kan.

Its a local brand 'Nestle' and they have another 3 or 4 other flavours which i can't remember. But at the moment, this one taste really really good - Vanilla Cashew Delight. You can finish the whole-tub in one go. Go to your nearest hypermarket and purchase one, pasti terangkat!! You can taste its pure chocolate cream and bites of cashew nut plus its smooth & creamy ice-cream. Its not 'overly' sweet like certain 'imported' ice-cream, so this is good!!

It can be eaten straight from the tub. I think this is one of Nestle's best product which is worth buying. Treat yourself now!

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