Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Here we are. At Popeyes. Today ofis is not so stress....still in the stress catagory but not that stress!! See what stress has made me....

This is the new fast-food joint that i mentioned in my blog earlier. Bee mentioned to be that this place is going to be opened since last year but only few days ago he found out the place. Its located at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, corner shop, just opposite KF*. This outlet used to be occupied by Shak*ys but was closed down few months back. You won't miss it.

The first time i had my meals at Popeyes is when I was in Hong Kong last year. We arrived at the airport and are given time to eat lunch and it is one of the 3 food-outlets at the airport that is 'Halal' certified!!

Anyway, dinner at Popeyes are of course nice cos i get to eat with bee. He managed to de-stress me by bringing me here....hihihi

You order from the service counter and this is the menus. They have fried chicken, shrimp and fish burgers, sandwiches meals and desserts.

Nice ambiance with red and black theme. They also provide free Wi-Fi and you can surf while you eat. We ordered some shrimps, fish and chicken tenders. You can choose combo meal with biscuits, mash potatoes and coleslaw.

Just look at the succullent fish....white, fresh, crunchy and juicy fish...eemmmmm

I'm not exaggerating but the mash potatoes is really really 'SEDAP'!!!

The coleslaw?? Oyes, the coleslaw too....SEDAP!! Better then other fast food coleslaw i ever tasted.

Triple Thumbs Up!!! The fish is just so succelent, the prawns is fresh and the chicken, believe it or not, it is also juicy!!

The meals comes together with a taste a bit like scones but with softer texture. Quite tasteless.

Overall, i know i'm coming again to to Popeyes.

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