Monday, February 09, 2009

Bubba Gump & Kayu

Saturday, our close couple fren Sabaq & Azmi called up to meet at Bubba Gump. Both of us can never resist that place. We always welcome any invitation from them. They're one of the few frens that are 'non-pretentious' and are always a good company to be with.

We suppose to meet at 8.30pm but bee and i got caught up in a jam just in front of Ikea. Usually both of us are quite on time. For a change to day bee and i decided to share a main course cos we had rojak/pasembor for tea at 6pm.

Bee and I shared Bubba's After The Storm "Bucket of Boat Trash"....its deep fried Shrimps, Lobster's tail and Barramundi, served with lotsa fries (RM42.90). Really generous helpings, thank god both of us shared this meal...its really filling. And i just lurve fried shrimps....its fresh!!

Later i ordered their recommended desserts. It is just meant to be shared among the 4 of us. Its definately the best cookie i've ever tasted. And the scoop of ice-creams were just generous. Its their best selling dessert called Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, a warm fresh, baked Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with vanilla ice-cream, Caramel, Chocolate, Peanuts and whipped cream...simply sinful and yummy (RM13.90)...and its warm cookie memang sedap!!

After dinnr all of us jalan-jalan along the flea market area. Later, we adjourned to Kayu Nasi Kandar at Kota Damansara for supper. Such a nice place to hangout, its new, its clean, airy and plenty of space to sit...we'll definately come back to this place.

We (the 4 of us) shared a roti tissue and 1 plate of maggie goreng to be shared among 4 of us!!! We can vouch that the maggie goreng is nice and we all definately wanna come to this Kayu to lepaq in future.

The nite ends so perfectly after a perfect meal with the perfect couple.

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