Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chocolate Volcano

Lately i'm so into desserts. Went jalan-jalan at The Curve and end up at Vivo. Both of us shared a medium thinly crust pizza....hmmm...not bad (RM18.90).

And for dessert, we had Volcanic Chocolate with vanilla ice-cream (RM12.90). Emmm....i just loved the chocolate cream coming out of the hot from the oven cake. To order this dish, you must give them at least 10 minutes to prepare the cake. And its worth it. Its very good.

Look at how the chocolate just melt out from the choc cake, still hot n fresh from the oven....emmm...yummee.


Sweettooth said...

it's molten rite? i love the melted ctre choc rupa dia...yummeh!

Dazzelyn said... is!! d rawas mmg hantu chocolate kan... :)