Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Secret of Louisiana (Seafood*Steak*Cajun Style)

Early this year our fave newspaper reviewed about this new place in town. As usual the one who notices this place will be huby lar. Anything to do with western dishes and he'll have his eyes wide open!! The reviews were promising and so we made our way there last weekend. Altho at that time i wasn't feeling very well but i still need to eat right.

I guess this place is a good place to hang out especially with families or friends. If time permits we would like to tryout its food at nite, for a change of environment.

Louisiana's cuisine served a lot of seafood, pasta and meat. After reading its review about its Seafood Jambalaya, which is actually a risotto rice cooked with asssorted seafood, with vegetables eg. lieke, tomatoes, celery and some herbs. And its really really good!! This dish is served with 4 pieces of garlic toast bread and you have to dip it in the seafood bumbo. Just nice for two...really yummy.

Seafood Gumbo (RM19.90)

We decided to order its lunch set which is RM 12.90 which includes ice-lemon tea and a scoop of ice-cream. I had the speghetti with chicken herbs.

Bee ordered Tangerine Chicken. Bee said this is a must try. The chicken taste really american and the lemony sauce goes well with the rice. Its yummy!

This new restaurant is located at the new Plaza Kelana Jaya. Just behind the defunct Kelana Jaya Seafood. The restaurant is facing the Kelana Jaya lake. I think this new place has lotsa potential for "makan place" but not many people still aware cos its tucked somewhere near the housing area. I hope they will do better.
Secret of Louisiana
Block D-01-01
Jalan SS7/13A
Plaza Kelana Jaya
47301 PJ
Tel : 03-78755230


Sweettooth said...

thanks for recommending this place. i will surely wanna bring the family there soon.

Dazzelyn said...

huh? its in d star lah beb, i'm sure u read abt it...hehehe..

Anonymous said...

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