Saturday, January 17, 2009

Noodle Station Restaurant

Went to Giant hypermarket at the Pusat Bandar Kota Damansara cos i wanted to buy some J.Co donuts after office. Had dinner at Noodle Station, its our first time......and our last!!

They have plenty cooking style on their 'noodles' menu plus they have western dishes. Looks promising but wait till you taste em.

I had Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce (RM10.90)

Bee had Springy Noodles with Bar'b'q chicken (RM6.00)

I guess this will be the first and last we come to this place for makan. The food is horrible. My coleslaw was like eating 'hampas'. The black-pepper gravy was just so horrible and the chicken batter was bad. The noodles was just so-so.
This is what happens when Malaysians wanna open an eatery place but the person who cooks the food are foreigners and even the waiter/waitresses are foreigners....they don't even understand when we asked them to explain certain things about the menu....sigh....what a bummer!!

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