Thursday, January 22, 2009

East Meets West

The above is this year's annual dinner theme. Easy rite! Yes....but we still do ponder what to wear to the very last minute.

I decided to wear a vintage/antic kebaya from my late tokmak's. I just sew some beads just to make it look a bit shiny...nothing to elaborate...i don't like to attract....i'm so timid and shy nowadays compared to when i was in my teens and early 20's. I don't like to make grand entrace, i don't like to make small talks during pre-annual dinner (just before the door opens) and i don't like to 'stand-out'. For me, just enough i come and comply with the theme and enjoy myself and let my hair-down. Gosh!! I'm such an introvert!!! I used to lurve to mingle with colleagues and frens, i lurve making a grand entrace and i lurve the attraction!! But i guess people change....they 'do' change and they 'can' change.

Company is so generous to give us half day today and 'off' day tomoro. Most of the ladies went to do hairdo and make-up. I'm happy with my hair-do and happy with the make-up...nothing too thick or too long as it looks natural.

Our door gifts were a shoe bag!! Plus each person is given a voucher and you get to exchange it with an envelope which hang on a 'sakura' tree. I got a RM100 Guardian voucher. Some received the same amount from either Jusco or Parkson voucher. Then we get to queue to get our face drawn from a caricature artists. I got mine funny!!

Food is as usual 'chinese set style' but i especially like the 'western' dessert, caramel with choc-cake. The entertainment was sorait but the emcee of the nite were impressive. The dance start at 11:15pm but i left around 11:45pm......penat beb. Some of the girls stayed till 2am.

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