Thursday, January 29, 2009

Outing with cuzzy

I've always tried to get some time off to see my another cuzin, Nina. Most of the time our time clashes and most of the time i'll be the one who can't make it but i'm so glad that today i'm able to make it and so does she!!

We both shared this sucellent scallop, japanese style!

She fetched me at my office and i gave her the belated b'day gift and some chocs from bee. We drove to Subang Parade. Initially we make plans to go to One Utama but weather doesn't allow us to do that. We spent most of our time at Sakae Sushi for dinner. We chatted, gossip, eat, drink, gossip again and chatted and did our shopping at Kassa.

So good to be able to catch up on old stories and latest gossips..hehehe. Wished we could do it more often. We left SP around time flies...


Sweettooth said...

hehehee...i baru update today. here the pic is big but in FB punyelah kecik. but i've tagged u on my snapped pic of us.

thanx for the great time and introducing me to Kassia or is it Kassa? I wanna return to buy the lime green top yg i tunjuk u before we left.

Dazzelyn said...

i pun conpuse d name..hehehe. d blouses there nice kan...n reasonable too..