Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shogun Japanese Restaurant

Yesterday we had our 1st National Sales Conference. It was indeed a tiring event, especially the pre and post event. We had to prepare months and weeks before the 4 days conference, many things need to be prepared/done...I can't wait for the CNY holidays to rest.

This year we had it at Sheraton Subang. As usual by 'default' we're at the registration table.
Anyway today is our department team dinner and tomorrow is our Annual Dinner and since our annual dinner falls on a thursday nite, the company is generously giving Friday a holiday, yayy (clap...clap...clap).

Central Chicks

Out-station Ladies

The only 2 guys in PINK!

Today we get to meet and mingle with the branches administrators....its a time for 'bonding' lar...hehehe... Say only but most of the time we end up bonding with our own mean!!

This is my plate. I didn't get to eat much cos i was too tired and when i'm too tired, i lost appetite to eat....rugi tak dapat merasa most of the japs food that i so lurve.

Its my first time at Shogun Sunway Pyramid. The buffet were abundance and foods were good.

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