Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Countdown at Cherating

Bee asked me 2-3days before the end of December 2008. He asked, where do we wanna celebrate the countdown, just the two of us. Hmm... I suggested the beach and he's ok jer. But at the same time i do not wanna go to crowded places or destination that requires long driving.

We thot of Cameron Highlands (no, its raining season, i'm scared of landslide). Thot of Genting (no way, too many people). Not Penang cos we just came back from there. Malacca is not a good idea too cos that place is always packed with people. I thot of Cherating beach....straight away bee said make a booking!! Yeah rite, with school holidays and all.

Nevertheless, i attempted and made a few calls to some hotels in Cherating, so far 4 hotels were full. Alas, Holiday Villa was available tho the rate wasn't cheap. Quickly made reservation, one nite only cos I'm working on Friday. Since new year's eve is a half-day working day at my place, i only need to apply half day leave.

We left Shah Alam at around 9am. Bee said no need to rush cos we wanna take a leisure drive. But with the traffic and all, we got out of Gombak toll around 10am. Used the new Pantai Timur highway which cuts at least 2 hours driving if u use the old trunk road. Sceneries along the way were nice and greens and not many cars. The weather was nice, with blue skies and white clouds.

I made breakfast cos we don't like making stops when we travel together. I made sardine-in olive-oil sandwiches, fried some chicken tempura nuggets and chicken hotdog. Made hot black-coffee and packed some tid-bits.

Pity bee cos on that day itself, he suddenly got flu. Since our flu medicine is out, we decided to stop by Kuantan town and find a pharmacist. After having a simple lunch at a mamak restaurant, we reached Cherating safely. I just loved the beach. Its been a long time since i last visited the beaches. I guess around 15 years ago....that's a long time.

Alhamdulilah, the weather was good and we were able to have our beach-walk in the evening and breathe its non-polluted air, enjoying with the sound of the waves and took pics.

Countdown were at the beach and the hotel has kindly provided some small fire-works.

Breakfast was held at a coffee-house by the beach. Then later bee and i drove to check out other hotels nearby. Just in case we wanna go again to Cherating. The hotel we stayed were okey-lar but it needed some refurbishing cos weather and time has taken a toll on some of its structures.

Before leaving for KL, bee said we must check-out Kuantan latest mall. After checking out at 12:30 noon, we made a quick stop for some Keropok Lekor...memang sedap makan panas-panas. Kuantan's latest mall was said to be the biggest in Pantai Timur, East Coast Mall.

Found the place, it is quite big. They have 2 anchor tenant, Parkson and Carrefour. When i was studying there, there were only Teruntum. Now there're a lot of changes, few malls were open and a lot of new township opening. After jalan-jalan, we had our lunch at Pizza Hut.

Left Kuantan town around 3:45pm. Alhamdulilah, reached KL safely 3 hours later. It was a short drive and i thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the beach. Thank you bee for making it memorable.

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